1. Photography : The Key Concepts: Library search

    A great e-reousrce and introduction to Art Photography

  2. Final Words?

    Thanks everyone for your hard work and effort. I enjoyed myself this semester and was very pleased with the results of your efforts. If you have any photo related questions; please, feel free to contact me if you need help.

  3. Week 12 PM class?

    Hi folks this mornings class went really well however I was not happy with the projection screen, as a consequence I want to use the room next door’s projector. So our final folio session will be in 7216. This class room is next door and I am assuming it will be free for the rest of the day?

  4. Week 11?

    Today I am offering advice, help and suggestions for those still seeking it?

  5. LEE FRIEDLANDER: “Just Look At It” (2005) | AMERICAN SUBURB X

    interesting read

  6. Final Folios?

    This week is week 10.

    Next week 11.

    May the 30th is our final folio week. This gives you all ample time to see me and discuss your folios progress. If I have seen you already then keep working independently. Otherwise please keep me posted on your progress

  7. Student Barometer 2014

    Hi folks, this from my VU email today.

    You may be aware that the Student Barometer is being conducted again this year as part of a national and international benchmarked survey.  Student Barometer is open now – from 5th May to 23rd May – and we are looking to you to help us achieve the goal of a 25% response rate.  Please visit the website  http://www.vu.edu.au/news-events/news/complete-the-student-barometer-survey for further details on this year’s survey and also for outcomes of previous Student Barometers conducted since 2008.   Please note that only domestic and onshore international students from the 7 integrated Colleges will be surveyed this year.
    Also see the flyer in the Learning Commons and the Student Service Centres we encourage students to complete the survey on the computers provided in those locations.  The survey is only available online.
    We are very interested in listening to the student voice through this survey and the student associations and societies are assisting us to get the message out and to generate a strong response.
    Please contact the Dean of Students, Susan Young at susan.young@vu.edu.au if you would like any further information about this survey.

  8. Tips for Smooth Presentations Week 12

    Bring a USB stick of images to class, and copy them to the teaching computer in the front of class. If sequence and order is important, then make the file names reflect this, for example, 001.jpg,002.jpg, 010,jpg or abc.jpg, edg.jpg and so on.

    Looking forward to some exciting results!

  9. Montage work anyone?
  10. The photograph is only the termination of a long sequence of thoughts and executions; we see only the end, not the beginning and not the middle; when we ask ‘Is this art?’ we are asking a question of an incomplete thing. Could it be that photography is truly an art only when we consider all the work that led to each photograph’s creation?
  11. Final Folio Preparations?

    You should be consulting with me by showing me ALL the photos you have taken thus far this semester. Final folio presentation itself is an opportunity to see and share your experience of the semester with your fellow students.

    I however want you to consider the following 3 questions when preparing to show your folios.

    What you chose to make photographs of?

    Why you chose to make the photographs you made?

    How you made the photogaphs you made?

  12. Research Projects!

    Thanks to everybody who participated. I enjoyed your projects and learned a few things on the way myself.

    See you all next week with ALL the photos you have taken so far, this semester.

    On a secondary note, Architectural photography is an interesting genre, and can be used to make all sorts of statements about our,lives and culture.

    Some artists who have done this in the past; Joe Deal, Robert Adams, Ed Ruscha, The Bechers, Eugene Atget, Lewis Baltz, and The New Topography Movement.

  13. Friday 2nd May

    Research projects are due this week. Bring your research on a USB. Copy it to the teaching computer so you can present your findings  to the rest of the class.

  14. Exciting News!

    Exhibition Space Available During May
    Calling all artists! Can you imagine your art work or installation in the heart of Footscray?  We are inviting creative art students to share their vision and talent as part of the VU at Metro West Pop Up Shop, 132 Nicholson Street.  Limited only by the space and your imagination!
    What: Exhibition and display space available
    When: May 2014 (dates are flexible)
    Where: VU @ MetroWest, 132 Nicholson St
    Next steps: Submissions due immediately to Anna-Liza Shepherd, Project Officer, Footscray University Town, anna-liza.shepherd@live.vu.edu.au
    Submission to include: Your name, contact details, title of work, short description, preferred dates, any special requirements.
    More detail about Footscray University Town: http://www.vu.edu.au/footscray-university-town

  15. Contemporary Photoshop Artists

    Some artists who use photoshop to enhance reality are, Loretta Lux, image


    and Lauren Marsolier



    Debbie Grossman


    Kelli Connel


    Filip Dujardin


    Nancy Davenport


    …. and of course, Gregory Crewdson, Jeff Wall & Andreas Gursky; to name but a few.