1. Contemporary Photoshop Artists

    two artists who use photoshop to enhance reality are, Loretta Lux, image


    and Lauren Marsolier



    Debbie Grossman


    Kelli Connel


    Filip Dujardin


    Nancy Davenport


    …. and of course, Gregory Crewdson, Jeff Wall & Andreas Gursky; to name but a few.


  2. Truth or lies? Photography & Photoshop.

    If photography cannot capture truth, what is it good for? Leaving aside the ever-increasing use of imaging technology for identification, surveillance, scientific and medical discovery and so on, what is its special purpose as far as art is concerned? While a good answer to that question does not emerge from this exhibition, it offers much that any new theories must take into account.

  3. Masking Excerise Notes

    Download a pdf to practice this with

  4. The Get More Out of Google Infographic Summarizes Online Research Tricks for Students

  5. Research Projects?

    Still stuck?

    Try the George Eastman House for an extensive collection of photographers from the 19th and 20th centuries.

  6. Imprtant Dates!

    Hi Folks.

    Research project is due week 8, the 2nd of May.

    Final Portfolio is due the 30th May.

    These dates are due to Good Friday and Anzac day falling on a week apart this year.

    Hope this helps people?

  7. Suzanne Heintz – Life Once Removed

    Interesting idea no?

  8. the Internationale » Blog Archive » Towards an object-oriented photography

    On the question of rarity and value, sits the idea of a jpeg being a format where each “save as” data is lost, what then the value of a jpeg photograph?

  9. Robert Hughes - The New Shock of The New 2004

  10. Artists mentioned in this weeks video.

    Sally Mann
    Robert Adams
    Martin Parr
    Lewis hine
    Gregory Crewdson [the site about the movie] if people want I recorded the film and can bring a copy in for you?
    Larry Rosenthal?
    William Klein
    Henry fox talbot
    Seydou Kaita
    Ed Burtinsky
    Li Cheung
    Annie Liebowitz
    Wang Qinsong
    Edward Steichen
    Alfred Steigltiz
    Paulo Ventura
    Eugene Richards
    Martin Parr
    Robert Capa
    Henri Cartier-Bresson
    Phillip Jones Griffiths
    Magnum Photo Collective
    Jeff Wall
    Andreas Gursky
    Camille Siylvy
    Francois Mutard?
    Ansel Adams
    Alec Soth

    This makes a long list of artists to choose from now, please let me know [via email] asap who you are going to write and present your research paper on?

    Some other resources that tie in with today’s class, John Berger’s way of seeing still resonates today with some key ideas. Robert Hughes, an australian critic never shies away from a controversy his 2004 documentary The Shock of the new explores Contemporary art very eloquently.

  11. Dark matter: photo histories and archives

    If you have the time and inclination this looks very interesting, Geoffrey Batchen is the go to man for photo history and theory at the moment, too.

    Photography symposium
    Dark matter: photo histories and archives
    Join us for our annual symposium exploring current approaches to photographic history and theory.

    Just as 95% of the known universe is made up of the currently undetermined material scientists call ‘dark matter’, so too are the photo archives of the world. The Dark matter symposium will provide insights into historical photographs and photographic histories, and show how these histories in turn illuminate our present.

    Hear from invited scholars about the development of photography in the antipodes, the reconstruction of histories here and elsewhere, and how previously unidentified subjects have been discovered through archival research.

    True to the medium of photography, Dark matter encapsulates both the speculative and proven aspects of reading and rereading photographs. The symposium explores how photographic objects and their subjects can be interpreted across time, in order to facilitate points of re-entry and discovery.

    Saturday 12 April 2014, 11am

    $15 Art Gallery Society of NSW members & students

    Bookings and enquiries:
    02 9225 1740

    Cost includes lunch and afternoon drinks

    Duration 5 hours
    Location: Domain Theatre; Art Gallery Society of NSW

  12. Photograph or Document?

    Some notes and thoughts from this weeks class.

    Objective truth or subjective interpretation?

    Photographic Meaning does it exist and if so where does it come from?

    List of Photographers

    Berenice Abott
    Lazlo Maholy Narge
    Bernd & Hiller Becher
    August Sander
    Martin Parr
    Daniel Meadows
    Leo Rubinfien
    Alexander Rodchenko
    Joel Meyerowitz
    Man Ray
    Hannah Hoch?
    Edward Weston
    Eugene Atget
    Cecil Beaton
    Walker Evans
    Bill Brandt



  13. In 2001 the first camera phone was put on the market, but they really began to sell in high volumes in 2004, the same year that the Web platform Flickr was invented. At that time, 68 million digital cameras and 246 million camera phones (mobile phones with inbuilt digital cameras) were sold worldwide (Larsen 2008). Many mobile phones now produce high-quality photographs and mobile-phone commercials (such as those for Nokia and iPhone) increasingly highlight the functionality of their cameras. In the United Kingdom, ‘448,962,359 MMS picture messages were sent in 2007, the equivalent of 19 million traditional (24 exposure) rolls of camera film’ (MDA 2008).

    Digital Snaps: The New Face of Photography, by
    Jonas Larsen , Mette Sandbye International Library of Visual Culture.

  14. Photo Stroll Results!

    I am very pleased with the results that I am seeing from the photo stroll session. Keep up the good work folks; and please bring everything to class to use in the upcoming workshops.